The State Council issued a standard public security organs police support staff management advice

Adhere to the rule of law to regulate the management of police support personnel - the relevant departments of the four departments on the "norms of public security organs to support the management of police opinion"

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Shaanxi Lantian large trucks out of control hit the wedding crowd caused by 5 dead 7 injured

Lantian County nine room town nine room village occurred a major car accident

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Foreign media: Indian Prime Minister of Pakistan with the Chinese air bus interested

The Indian and Pakistani media reported the interest of the two prime ministers on China's airbus

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12-year-old juvenile side playing while charging old phone explosion face hand injury

Should also lead to the cause of mobile phone explosion

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Beijing City within the licensing police car out of the second ring main road break 10 meters fence injury 2 people

Witnessed the use of the police car hit the guardrail hit a man riding an electric car

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Indian women's belly possession of 12 thousand gallstones record a world record

The doctor actually found in her belly close to 12 million gallstones

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Song Hongbing responded to being beaten in Taiyuan: nothing to do with the loss of pan-Asian investors

The venue gathered a large number of people who invested in Pan Asia

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Aquino nominated Philippine Interior Minister Rojas to run for the next president

MANILA, July 31 (Xinhua) Philippine President Aquino announced on July 31 that the Philippine government's nominee for the next president

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Gou completed the "ice bucket challenge" named Lin Chi-ling (Figure)

Terry Gou today accepted the challenge of Lei Jun

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Chinese women in Singapore to open the "underground bank" suspected to take 200 million Paolu

And then Li Xia and then renminbi to the remittance of the designated Chinese account

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Pregnant women underwear belly in possession of poison 2.2 kg (Figure)

Police from the pregnant women underwear mezzanine and abdomen within the sandwich seized 2.2 kg of heroin

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US media: US lawmakers said China will use the US nuclear technology to improve nuclear submarines

Some Members are concerned that the technology of Sino-US nuclear cooperation is being converted into military use by China

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Anti-Pa team leader and security "protection fee" 500,000 Gan for thieves umbrella

Public security organs then arrested the defendant Yang Mouhui, Wang Moulin

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Development and Reform Commission: the right to operate the railway ownership to social capital

Development and Reform Commission also personally to encourage social capital to participate in railway construction

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Jiangxi Pingxiang former Housing Authority director of the trial of mistress when the Secretary for Housing (Figure)

Pingxiang City Housing Authority former director Rao Chun

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Strong convective weather blue warning release: the country has more thunderstorms

Suggest that the government and relevant departments do a good job in preventing short-term torrential rain, lightning protection and anti-wind preparation

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Affected by the typhoon Su Di Luo Shanghai Railway Bureau out of 118 trains

Modern Express reporter learned from the Shanghai Railway Bureau

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Hebei heavy rain caused by the city flooded the village was flood siege

But as the waterlogging more serious Xingtai, Handan two lots of water has been waist

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