British Conservative Party minister: Britain to stay in the EU as a "disaster"

Gregory did not say in the article whether the British should leave the EU
According to foreign media reported on the 14th, the British Conservative Party cabinet minister, the House of Commons leaders and the Privy Council Speaker Chris Gregory said that the United Kingdom if the existing conditions to maintain EU membership, there will be "disaster Sexual consequences ". Once the British Minister of Justice Ge Ruilin wrote that the EU is moving towards further integration, this road Britain "will not, and should not go." Message from the Prime Minister's Office, said Prime Minister Cameron's article "response is quite easy." Cameron has said it will allow government ministers to choose to support any camp on the EU's stay. However, cabinet ministers must wait until the Prime Minister and the EU on the terms of the British Member States to reach a new agreement before the start of publicity activities. On the EU issue, Cameron needs to agree with the EU on four key issues: economic management, competitiveness, immigration and sovereignty. Although the United Kingdom must hold a referendum on the EU's fate by the end of 2017, it is expected that Cameron will hold a referendum this year if it is possible to reach an agreement with the European Union on his proposed reform. Gregory did not say in the article whether the British should leave the EU, but the article hinted that if he was dissatisfied with Prime Minister Cameron's agreement with the EU, he would be ready to move out of the EU. He wrote: Britain is at the "crossroads". Within the EU, "must not be in a position to maintain our national interests." He said it is time to vote again and decide on the future of the EU. He also "convinced" that the Prime Minister's fight for the new EU membership in the UK was "very right" and "as much as possible to fight for change" was crucial. "This is in line with all the interests of the EU skeptical, more in line with the interests of our country."

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